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Tristan King is the founder of Shopify Ninjas, a web design agency focused exclusively on the Shopify platform.

In this episode, Tristan and I discuss:

  • Finding your niche and the benefits of working with a channel partner
  • How to work remotely and travel
  • The benefits of remote working even if you aren't a world traveler
  • How Tristan has grown the business at a rapid pace
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Ilise Benun is the creator of where she focused on helping freelancers and creative professionals learn how to market themselves. 

In this episode, Ilise shares what she calls a marketing machine.

This is a fundamental strategy that I have used in my business since the day I first learned it. My hopes are that it can help you in your business as well.

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Kurt Elster is a co-founder of the web design agency EtherCycle. In this episode Kurt shares insight and wisdom from his experience starting an agency and attracting high quality clients.

In this episode, Kurt and I cover:

  • His unique direct outreach strategy and what made it succesful
  • How he made starting a business far too complicated
  • The benefits of working a channel partner
  • Creative ways for attracting new clients
  • How to build an agency model that works

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This is a very special episode of The Creative Freelancer Show. While most of my episodes are recorded via Skype, this interview was recorded in person.

A few weeks ago, I was spending some time in Berlin, Germany. While I was there I was introduced to an illustrator named Mars Dorian.

Mars is an incredibly talented illustrator with an outrageously unique style. 

In this episode of The Creative Freelancer Show Mars and I discuss:

  • How to create a unique style for your work
  • The advantages and challenges of unique style
  • How to utilize freelancing to fund other passionate projects
  • And much more

This interview is packed with valuable insights that any creative will benefit from. 

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Preston D Lee is the creator of, a blog that focuses on helping designers and freelancers build better businesses. 

Preston has been a designer and consultant for several years, and has built a business on the side along the way.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Common excuses to starting your business and how to overcome them
  • How to make freelancing not that risky
  • Why you don't need to be an expert to start freelancing
  • How you can freelance while still maintaining a full time job

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Pricing isn't just about the money.

It is about the quality of life.

It is about earning more money in less time.

It is about making a decent income so you aren't stressed and you can put time toward the projects you love.

In this episode, I cover everything I know about pricing and share with you the methods that have helped me triple my income over the past six months.

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John McIntyre is a copywriter who goes by the nickname “The Autoresponder Guy”.

To set himself apart from other copywriters, John has focused his business exclusively on writing e-mail autoresponders.

In addition, John is a digital nomad who runs his copywriting business all the way from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In this episode, John discusses:

  • How he got started and landed his first clients

  • His ‘break shit’ mentality on starting businesses

  • Actionable tips for anyone seeking to write better copy

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Friends and acquaintances can be a great source of client work although you must be careful when entering into professional relationships with them.

In this episode I cover:

  • Why working with your friends can actually be a great idea
  • How to reach out to friends who may be good prospects
  • Why you should never work for friends for free
  • How to handle payment and project communication with friends

For more on this topic, read my blog post How to work without friends and not end up hating each other

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This episode is one of those conversations that left me rethinking my approach life. 

Dane Sanders is an incredibly inspirational and creative individual. He started his creative career as a photographer and has seen the shift from the analog to the digital world.

In this episode Dane discusses:

  • How to stay relevant in a changing creative world
  • How simple daily habits can completely change your life
  • A unique perspective on the purpose of the work that we do

Also be sure to check out Dane's Podcast Converge and his new writing course Weavewriter.

Mentioned in this episode:

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Freelancing doesn't have to be a one way road. Instead, you can use it as a means of trying out different things while you seek your next employment opportunity.

This weeks guest, Clark Buckner, began his career doing freelance design and branding work, yet ultimately his freelancing lifestyle lead him to an opportunity for full time employment that was too good to pass up.

In this episode Clark discusses:

  • What it is like to start a freelance career as a college student
  • How Podcasting helped him land new clients and expand his network
  • How freelancing helped him land the job of his dreams
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Mat Newton is a web professional who ran a sucessful SEO business for several years before shifting his mindset toward building his own platform and products.

In this episode Mat reveals.

  • How to build a lifestyle that allows you to work from anywhere
  • Methods for aquiring a client base very quickly
  • How to use freelancing as a means of building products

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One of the biggest mistakes new freelancers make is in how they describe what they do. 

In this episode of The Creative Freelancer Show, Ilise Benun of teaches a framework for how to talk about what you do to new clients.

This is a framework that can be used online, at networking events or even in casual conversation.

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Constant improvement is a value that I attribute a large portion of my success to. I am constantly learning, constantly improving and I am never satisfied.

My goal with this episode is to share with you my theories on improvement and discuss the different ways and areas you need to be consistently growing in as a creative professional.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Resources for enhancing and improving your creative skills
  • Resources for enhancing your business knowledge
  • Resources for improving as a creative professional
  • The go to tools for personal growth

Mentioned in this episode:

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Alicia Binkley / Waters is a freelance designer and artist from Nashville, TN. She wasn’t always a freelancer though and recently made the jump just a few months ago. 

In this episode 

- Alicia talks about what it was like to make that jump from having a full time job for seven years to finally going freelance.

- Discusses what it is like to be married to another artist and collaborate with them regularly on projects 

This episode is great for anyone making that jump to freelancing full time, as well as any creative who may be married or dating another creative professional. 

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A portfolio in your creative career is more than just a collection of your past works. 

A portfolio is like a carefully curated art gallery. It is meant to showcase your work and put it in the best possible light.

In this episode:

  • I discuss what makes up a good portfolio
  • Three criteria to consider before taking on any project
  • How to turn yourself into a portfolio piece


Regardless of if you are new to the freelancing business or have been freelancing for a while, this episode has some insights which may make you rethink how you showcase your work to the world. 

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005: Grant Spanier

Grant Spanier is an inspiring and genuine individual. He holds nothing back and refuses to censor himself in the sake of being him true self.

In this expletive filled episode:

  • Grant goes through his journey on building a successful creative career
  • Grant shares his philosophies and practices on creativity. 


Grant’s story is one that will change your perspective on creativity and making a living as a freelancer. 

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At the core of any succesful creative career is a mastery and continued practice of ones craft.

In this episodes we dive into the philosophies behind mastering your craft as well as some actionable methods on practicing and learning your craft at a rapid pace.

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003: Maggie Appleton

Maggie Appleton is a young illustrator based out of Saigon, Vietnam. At a very young age, Maggie has already accomplished a lot.


If you look at her portfolio, you would assume that she has dedicated her entire life to this craft of illustration, but in reality Maggie set herself on a path of deliberate practice and learning and mastered a craft very quickly.


Join us for this episode as Maggie shares her strategy for rapid learning, how she got her first freelance clients and how she is building her career with the freedom to travel anywhere.


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002: Why freelancing

Some people believe that freelancing isn't a real business.


Other's call it just trading time for money.


But the truth is, there are some major reasons why freelancing is an amazing route to go with your life and your business career.


In today's episode I will dive into many of the reasons why you should consider freelancing if you aren't already doing it.


I will also get into some perspectives on freelancing that may change how you look at your career even if you are already a freelancer.


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001: About the show and Jake's background

The mission of the Creative Freelancer Show is to help creative professionals launch their freelance career, get more clients and work from anywhere.

We will cover a wide range of topics including acquiring new clients, finding your niche, practicing your craft, pricing your work, marketing yourself, mastering the creative process and much more more.

In this episode, we will discuss the mission of The Creative Freelancer Show as well as going into a bit of background about your host Jake Jorgovan. 

The purpose of this episode is to prep you for future shows to come, give you some context about what you will be learning and a brief introduction to my story.

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