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Liam Veitch of completely changed my mindset on freelancing when I read his book 'Stop thinking like a freelancer'.

In this book Liam talks about the topic of evolution, and for anyone who has followed my own journey over the past year, I have drastically evolved from a web designer to running Outbound Creative which helps agencies and freelancers win their dream clients.

Liam's mindset was extremely valuable for me when I read his book, and in this episode we discuss some of the key points from his book and how freelancers should be approaching their business.

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003: Maggie Appleton

Maggie Appleton is a young illustrator based out of Saigon, Vietnam. At a very young age, Maggie has already accomplished a lot.


If you look at her portfolio, you would assume that she has dedicated her entire life to this craft of illustration, but in reality Maggie set herself on a path of deliberate practice and learning and mastered a craft very quickly.


Join us for this episode as Maggie shares her strategy for rapid learning, how she got her first freelance clients and how she is building her career with the freedom to travel anywhere.


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002: Why freelancing

Some people believe that freelancing isn't a real business.


Other's call it just trading time for money.


But the truth is, there are some major reasons why freelancing is an amazing route to go with your life and your business career.


In today's episode I will dive into many of the reasons why you should consider freelancing if you aren't already doing it.


I will also get into some perspectives on freelancing that may change how you look at your career even if you are already a freelancer.


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001: About the show and Jake's background

The mission of the Creative Freelancer Show is to help creative professionals launch their freelance career, get more clients and work from anywhere.

We will cover a wide range of topics including acquiring new clients, finding your niche, practicing your craft, pricing your work, marketing yourself, mastering the creative process and much more more.

In this episode, we will discuss the mission of The Creative Freelancer Show as well as going into a bit of background about your host Jake Jorgovan. 

The purpose of this episode is to prep you for future shows to come, give you some context about what you will be learning and a brief introduction to my story.

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