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This week I have an incredible guest Kaleigh Moore from Kaleigh has just recently made the jump to freelancing full time over the past couple years. 

In this episode, Kaleigh talks about:

  • Her journey leaving her full time job to working on her own as a freelancer
  • How she built up a client base for her business before ever quitting her job
  • How she makes a living as a social media consultant and copywriter

Mentioned in this episode:

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Today I am honored to have Bryce Bladon, the Editor-in-Chief of

But don't worry, we don't just complain about bad clients on this episode. Instead we dive in to talking about Bryce's freelance writing career, how he got started and how he built a career that has let him move all over the world. 

This episode is jam packed with valuable information that will help any aspiring copywriter or creative professional.

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Platforms like eLance and oDesk can get a bad reputation. I personally have fought this reputation for a while given that I personally kickstarted my freelance career with oDesk. 

While I hit what I thought was ceiling with these platforms, I was proven wrong by Danny Margulies.

Danny has earned over $100k in the past year on eLance as a freelance writer.

Yes, you read correct. $100k in a year as a writer. 

Danny defies all of the myths and expectations that exist around these freelance platforms and makes an incredible income charging an average rate of $125-135 per hour. 

In this episode, Danny shares how he reached the level he did and what others can do to supplement their income or launch their careers with eLance.

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Check out Danny's website and sign up for his eLance hacks at

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Software applications are all the rage these days, but the truth is there is a much easier and quicker route to building a scaleable business.

That route is called productized services and in this episode of The Creative Freelancer Show, Brian Casel of Restaurant Engine and creator of the course Productize shares with us his expertise on building a productized service. 

This episode was extremely valuable and had me thinking in ways that I can products some of my own services. 

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This is one of my favorite episodes to date. 

Paul Jarvis is an absolutely incredible writer and web designer. His weekly newsletter has inspired me for quite sometime and I am honored to have him on the show.

Talking to Paul in this episode revealed some insights that have dramatically changed how I look at my business, I know hearing this interview will do the same for you as well.

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