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Dobbin Buck is one of the partners of the agency GetUWired. Year after year, Dobbin's firm wins awards from Infusionsoft such as partner of the year as well as Top Sales and Revenue generation for Infusionsoft.
GetUWired is an industry leader in Infusionsoft consulting.
But that's not all, GetUWired's office just happens to be a cabin in the woods! They may wear pants and have an office, but you have to admit that is one hell of a cool approach to an office. In addition, GetUWired has won Entrepreneur Magazine's Top Company Culture award.
In this episode Dobbin shares:
  • How he has built an award winning culture at his agency
  • How he has built so much demand for a business that there is a waiting period for new clients to get started
  • The model behind GetUWired, how they bill, sell and manage projects
  • GetUWired's systematized hiring process to ensure anyone they hire is a great fit.
  • And several incredible aha-moment revelations that can change how you think about your agency.
This episode from Dobbin is one of my favorite to date and it is jam packed with value. I know you will get a ton out of it so stick through to the end.
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