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In this noteworthy episode, I sit down with Devin Bramhall , Director of Marketing with Animalz, a content marketing agency that works with huge name customers. It was founded as a co-located company in NYC by a man named Walter Chen. Because the best talent isn’t all in one location, the team has expanded to more than 35 people spread across the world who wanted both structure and freedom in their lives. Walter brought Devin and her team on to run this company, and by providing the space these leaders need along with a solid infrastructure in place, the business took off and major growth happened just within the last year.
Quality work is so important in this business, so Animalz takes several approaches to be sure this can happen. They invest heavily in their people, within the company, and with their clients. For Animalz, it was important to create a repeatable structure to follow.  And with training, a lot of investment into the clients, and digging into each subject matter, quality is then built into the process. Animalz will model their work as if they are embedded in each company, as a content marketer working there. They also do everything possible to align with the customer throughout the entire process.
For anyone building up their agency, this is a great episode to listen to! Devin dives into the importance of having a repeatable process in place, keeping the creatives within your company motivated to produce high-quality work, and how to keep your clients engaged throughout the process. Hear how she ensures a relationship is built with the client and how to get them to commit to the process before even starting on content.  Here we go…
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