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In this special episode of the Working Without Pants podcast, Isaac Marsh joins me to discuss our new business venture,

At a high level, Custom Data scrapes the internet looking for prospects with your specific intent signals to buy. We gather this intent data and deliver you and your sales team hand qualified leads every single week. Not only is this data immediately actionable, but it gives you all the details you need to confidently approach your outbound efforts.

We discuss the key things our research team looks for, including companies that are hiring for roles relevant to your business, decision-makers changing positions, funding or expansion news, and RFPs (request for proposals). Furthermore, you receive the exact contact information for the stakeholders you need to talk to in order to gain new business.

We also talk about how Custom Data is able to help you build out a custom CRM of prospects that fit your buyer criteria. Instead of wasting time searching through mediocre databases, you’ll have a pipeline of pre-qualified leads your sales team can contact right away.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Custom Data can help you get more deals, feel free to reach out to us at


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Many outbound agencies focus on delivering high quantities of leads but leave much to be desired in regards to the quality of those leads. 

Though playing the numbers game can work to an extent, we believe there are better outbound strategies that reduce the risk of damaging your agency’s reputation and at the same time bring qualified leads to your clients.

In the new episode of the Working Without Pants podcast, Isaac Marsh, Partner at Leader Cookie, joins me to explore how we have seen the outbound industry evolve and how agencies should be thinking about outbound.

We discuss the issue of misaligned expectations between agencies and their clients regarding the results clients want to achieve. These agencies promise a certain amount of leads, but this number is really just a vanity metric. To serve clients best, you need to understand their true needs and develop a campaign that puts them in front of their ideal clients.

We also describe why outbound has more benefits than just closing deals in a short amount of time. These benefits include getting precise on your ideal clients, expanding your network of influence, and creating a long-term pipeline of potential clients.


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If you’ve been a user of LinkedIn over the years, you’ve probably witnessed the shift from it being a very relationship-focused platform, to one where your inbox is filled with spammy messages and connection requests.

For these reasons, LinkedIn has reduced the number of connection requests you can send from 2,500 per month to 100 per week. This is bad news for those that spray-and-pray connection requests, but it's extremely beneficial for those that already focus on quality outbound efforts.

In this episode of the Working Without Pants podcast, I sit down with Isaac Marsh, Partner at Lead Cookie, to discuss these changes and explore why hand-qualifying leads and boosting the quality of your outbound efforts is necessary for success when prospecting on LinkedIn.

We describe why these changes force you to respect your prospects’ time and how the reduction in “noise” is creating better engagement with outreach efforts.

We also talk about how focusing on quality with outbound ultimately saves you time, generates leads that you can actually close, and disqualifies bad leads before you waste time hopping on a call with them.

For the sustainability of the platform, we think this is the right move for LinkedIn and look forward to the benefits it will bring.


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When productizing services, it can be a challenge to figure out how to package and price those services. Additionally, having the discipline to stick to a productized framework is often more difficult than people realize.

In this episode of the Working Without Pants podcast, I share a methodology that has helped me productize services successfully, and the benefits it can bring to your business.

In essence, I recommend building three core packages to align with different tiers of service, as well as offering à la carte options you can use to customize packages as needed. 

This will streamline your sales process, reducing the time spent negotiating with clients. It also helps keep your operations team organized and able to scale more efficiently and quickly.

It’s also important to have your packaging and pricing information organized on a simple rate card that you can easily share with clients. There may be cases where you alter pricing for specific clients, but the line items stay the same.

If you can be diligent about following a productized framework like the one above, you’ll minimize your team’s workload and have less confusion about your services.


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