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For anyone who has been following my business over the past year, they will know about my launch of Outbound Creative which is a company that helps agency and consulting companies win their dream clients with eye-catching outreach campaigns.
For a long time, I thought I was the only one doing crazy things like this...
Then one of my friends send me Stu's book How to get a meeting with anyone. As soon as I started reading my first thoughts were "YES!!!"
Stu has literally written the book that I someday dreamed of writing. In his book he writes about a method called 'Contact Marketing' which is this concept for doing very out of the box methods of capturing someones attention so you can get in the door and start the relationship.
In preparation of this book, Stu interviewed over 100 sales leaders and gathered countless stories on interesting 'contact marketing' campaigns that have helped people get meetings that are game changers for their life or business.
In this interview, Stu and I dive into the book, the approach and how to think about creating your own contact marketing campaigns. 
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In this episode, Damian Thompson of Salesability shares his insights into the pitfalls that most software development companies hit in their sales process and how to overcome them.

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If your agency targets CMO’s as potential customers, then listen up because this interview is for you.

Drew Neisser is the CEO of the agency Renegade and author of The CMO’s Periodic Table.

When I came across Drew’s book, I was blown away. In The CMO’s Periodic Table, he has interviews with 64 high level CMO’s of very big companies. A majority of which are the CMO’s from Fortune 500 companies.

Each interview focuses on one key insight or topic that these CMO’s deal with on a regular basis. The end result of all of these interviews is an incredible book that covers the wide spectrum of issues these CMO’s face.

In this interview, Drew talks about his strategy for creating this book, how he got interviews with such high level CMO’s, and how this book has had a profound impact on his business.

He also discusses the challenges agencies face when trying to sell their services to CMO’s and why many fail when reaching out to them.

This interview is jam packed with incredible insights that can drastically change your agency.

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