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For those that have been reading my blog posts, you know by now that I’ve successfully handed off my sales role to a friend-turned-team member. That team member is Isaac Marsh. Isaac is not only head of sales with Lead Cookie, but he helps test new offer strategies we put on the table as well. With a passion for writing, his natural ability to talk with others, and starting his own agency with his business partner, it was a no-brainer to reach out for him to take on this position. 
The stars aligned when I approached Isaac and his business partner and asked if they could come on board with Lead Cookie a while back. That was the beginning of handing off my sales role successfully. I made mistakes trying to hand this off before, which did not work out, so I took Isaac through a different and more specific process when he came on board. 
Give this episode a listen if you’re looking to get the sales role off your plate. We share what worked and what mistakes were made as well. Isaac has some great insights into what helped him take on sales and how he adjusted the frameworks to feel more natural to him for the sales calls. Isaac is essentially our “gatekeeper” at Lead Cookie and you, as an owner, can learn why relinquishing that control will allow your business to have one as well.
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Why is it so important to start thinking about what acquisition looks like for your business? You’ll want to find out here in this episode with John Warrillow. John is the Founder and President of The Value Builder System and author of the books "The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business In Any Industry" and "Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You.” 
Knowing what your intentions are for your business is of the utmost importance. If you want your company to be valuable, or transferable, it has to be able to run without you. Even if you are not planning to sell, this may trigger some lightbulbs for your business and help steer you on the right path for long-term mentality.
I’ve received a ton of value from reading John’s books that caused a huge mindset shift for me, and so I was honored to have the chance of interviewing him. This episode is recommended for anyone going down a productized service path and, I promise, this will change your perspective on your business. We discuss what “Deal Momentum” is and you’ll want to hear this! And don’t forget to check out to learn more.
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Wherever “Ledge” goes, sales go up! Join this week’s episode to hear what I mean by this and get some great insight into taking leads and rocking a sales execution to help grow your revenue. David Ledgerwood, Managing Partner at Add1Zero, is someone I’ve known for years and I refer to as “Ledge” here. He and his team use a proven process for a 6 to 7-digit annual growth by providing sales strategy, execution, and ops to their clients. 
Learn about the “secret sauce” Ledge speaks of here! It’s great. In fact, I just took a lot of notes while interviewing him and have action items I am excited to try.  I have already quadrupled my own sales by working with Ledge before. This is truly insightful and I think you will get tons from this episode, so hurry now and give it a listen. 
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Listen in on this week’s episode to hear about a softer, yet super powerful skill to learn for your business: Storytelling. Kyle Gray joins us from and walks us through how he went from working for WP Curve to becoming a bestselling author who helps startups and small businesses grow with content marketing. 
Kyle specializes in helping clients of all different levels tell better stories to not only earn their audience’s trust but for the audience to trust themselves with investing in his clients’ businesses. There are specific tactics you can use to get better at storytelling and that is where Kyle came up with 3 simple steps for combining information into an outline for a great story or speech. 
If you’re an expert in your field but have difficulty in expressing your value and how you’re different, this episode is for you. You can learn the simple framework here that will help you get your message across without sounding too “salesy.” Or if you want to jump right in and read Kyle’s book, you can find it at or on Amazon.
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