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On this episode, I sit down with Jason Bay of Blissful Prospecting. Jason and I are in the same Outbound industry, but we took different paths. His business helps sales teams to bring in more leads through cold outreach. Sales reps are great at taking demos and doing sales calls, but the struggle is often that the marketing team isn't filling their pipeline with leads - Blissful Prospecting provides training for sales teams so they can fill their pipeline with more organic leads (and depend less on the marketing team).
If you're interested in the outbound industry, you'll enjoy being a fly on the wall as we discuss the different paths you can take within 'outbound'. We also dive into topics like the dynamics of being a business partner with your wife and the psychological and mental challenges of being an entrepreneur.
We're all navigating our businesses through tough times right now, there's tons of food for thought on that topic this conversation.
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Today I sit down with Tristan Pelligrino of Motion, a content marketing agency that helps B2B tech companies generate demand with genuine conversations. They do this through the creation of thought leadership programs that revolve around podcasts, video series and other shareable formats.
Tristan has 15 years of experience working with agencies, which means he has tons of great advice to share when it comes to building and running agencies. We both run our companies off of the EOS model, if you're not familiar with this framework for developing your business' vision, learning about this alone will be a game changer for you!
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On this week's episode I sit down with John Logar, founder of John isn't just a coach, he has tons of experience building and scaling a variety of different businesses, and also runs a huge successful agency. He is a great example of someone who practices what he preaches, while he's learning at the same time.
Through Consulting Unleashed, John is known for building companies quickly using a consistent methodology (Attract, Convert, Leverage) that teaches people to scale successfully. He helps to get his clients their first 6 figures and has a wealth of ideas on both scaling and developing your offer.
John believes 'If you offer often, people are going to buy'. Don't miss out on this episode, John gives away a lot of his expert ideas for free, including advice on things you can do today to go out and start making new sales.
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In this episode, I sit down with Dvorah Graeser, founder of KISSpatent, a productized patent service. Dvorah took what used to be an expensive, oft lengthy legal service mostly used by corporations and turned the model on its head by offering it as a fixed-price product that puts the power of patents in the hands of innovators.
This is a great episode for anyone wondering how they might able to apply a patent to their business. Tune in to us discuss a number of different forms of idea protection for innovators and startups. Access to idea protection is on the rise, thanks to great endeavors like this one.
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This week I speak with Geoff Atkinson of Huckabuy. Geoff was previously employed in the corporate world at as the Senior VP of Marketing and successfully transitioned to running his own business at Huckabuy, which is now generating over 1M MRR.
Geoff's first entrepreneurial endeavor started as a B2C affiliate website and eventually pivoted to a performance-based SEO software company. It took at least 2-3 years to find their footing, but they eventually found a way to respond to market needs.
Don't miss out on this episode, Geoff has great advice for first-time entrepreneurs trying to build a strong revenue-driven business. Whatever your brilliant idea is, be open to the fact that it might not be what the market wants and you may need to take the time to create change so you can pivot and respond to what the market wants.
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