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Tim Conley is a business coach, was the host of the Foolish Adventure podcast, and is a high-level consultant, helping B2B entrepreneurs, agencies and consultants (from $0.5 - 5M) scale their businesses. 

In the first half of this episode, we discuss the businesses Tim works with, which range from $500K - 5M, and what it takes for them to grow and level up. 

In the second part, we discuss Tim's business model, which is quite similar to my own business, Outbound Creative, doing high-level consulting and selling group training programs. Find out how to scale your own solo consulting practice, making upwards of $200-500K a year, while only working 9 months a year and having a whole bunch of freedom during those 9 months. 

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Jake has done extensive research into how agency owners win clients. After all, his business Outbound Creative is focused on winning clients for agencies and consultancies. One strategy comes up over and over again: strategic partnerships. Many agencies get 20-70% of their revenue from strategic partnerships. In this episode Jake details:

  • 3 types of strategic partnership (including anecdotes of each type)
  • Elements of a strong partnership
  • 5 steps to creating your own partnership

The information in this podcast can be found in blog post form here.

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