Working Without Pants - Creative Entrepreneurship
In this episode, I talk with Kieran Flanagan, the VP of Marketing with Hubspot- an inbound marketing, sales, and service software company. After helping many Saas businesses grow their traffic, users, and revenue, Kieran joined HubSpot because he was a believer in the “inbound movement.”
For anyone who is a HubSpot agency partner, this is a must listen to. Even if you’re not, learn how you can build a relationship and partner with a larger tech company like HubSpot and build the dynamic to grow on the back of a partner program.
Tune in to learn why some agencies have done really well versus ones that have struggled. One thing we speak about is being fully committed and focus on becoming a partner rather than dabbling in other platforms. In addition, Kieran speaks about the 3 stages in customer experience, what makes you more authentic in the way you do business, and what can differentiate you from the competition when it comes to content creation and publishing as well. You don't want to miss the valuable information in this episode.
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