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In this week’s episode, Steve Gordan joins us who also happens to host podcasts of his own. In fact, we dive specifically into how podcasts can be a great tool to use to help grow your business. Steve is the Founder of Unstoppable CEO and specializes in helping agencies get great clients who are ready to hire you.
With all the noise out there between marketing strategies, business funnels, and complex sales training programs, you need a unique way to develop trust with people. You need to strategically build relationships with other people and approach them in a different way. In fact, one of the things we touch on in this episode is how you can simplify your business just simply by aligning with human behavior. 
This episode should have you asking yourself how you think of using podcasts for your business. An audience is great, but the relationships that you build from the podcast interviews are the ones that you can nurture and expand on to grow your business. 
Listen in and get some great tips on why committing to your podcast long-term is the way to go. When you’re done, visit to get a copy of the last book Steve wrote called “The Exponential Network Strategy.”
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If you’ve been thinking about speaking as an avenue to grow your business, join me In this week’s episode with Carol Cox, Founder and CEO of Speaking Your Brand. Carol is an expert at coaching entrepreneurs and executives on how to launch and build their speaking career for short-term, and long-term, results.
Carol reminds us just how valuable speaking engagements and being around people truly are these days. With all of the social media, content creation, and all the “followers” people obtain, we all forget just how impactful it can be when you meet and learn from someone in person. We discuss in detail how narrowing down your focus of topic to a very specific niche can really make you stand out from everyone else. Carol dives into some great tips on how to market yourself as a speaker and how people can inquire about you so that you can get premium and paid engagements. 
Listen in to find out how you can get a free guide if you’d like more information on how speaking can help grow your business. You can also listen in to Carol’s podcast where she talks about all things related to speaking- from content to lead generation, and from sales to monetizing your speeches. Enjoy!
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In this week’s episode, join me in hearing tons of advice from Alan Weiss, author of a phenomenal book called “Million Dollar Consulting,” or as I like to call it, The “Bible” of Consulting, which is one of numerous books and articles he’s written. Alan is also the owner of Summit Consulting Group that provides management consulting services to clients across the globe. 
During Alan’s professional journey, he quickly learned he could charge for the value of his consulting services, to which he’s pioneered value-based fees. Alan is also all about simplifying everything to place more speed on doing business and getting results. Overcomplicating processes won’t grow your business. Alan hones in on his core values of focusing on what’s important and why you should “carve away everything that doesn’t look like a career.”
The “Million Dollar Consulting” book is at the heart of everything I learned to start my businesses- my mindset, the tactics, the concepts behind charging for value, and more. Listen here to get more insight and tons of value out of this. And don’t forget to check out Alan, where you can find his blog and free articles, videos, audios, and locations for his next attendance.
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