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This week on the podcast I speak with Mandi Ellefson the author of Hands Off CEO. Mandi's business is all about helping entrepreneurs and agency owners to live the dream by building a company that can run without them.

Here on the podcast we're all about location independent businesses based on freedom and in this episode Mandi shares her 5 step process on how to free up 10 extra hours per week and use that time to make your company run without you.

One of the challenges stopping owners from stepping away is that the foundation of the business itself is the owner and the owner's knowledge. As the business owner, you're always at the center of everything, constantly catching things to make sure everything goes forward. The business is so dependent on the owner that it's hard to sell and be confident that the team can grow without them being around to keep things from falling apart.

Sounds familiar? Tune in to hear Mandi's process, so you too can work towards becoming more of a hands off CEO. It's all about structure and she's broken it down in the roadmap she shares with us.

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This week I speak with Mike McDerment, author of Breaking the Time Barrier and CEO of Freshbooks, the hugely popular invoicing and accounting software built for owners, not accountants.

Mike left business school in his 4th year and started an agency building websites in the early 2000s. He started off building basic websites for his clients and quickly learned the importance of going beyond creative pages to validating the conversion science behind each site using SEO, Pay Per Click and conversion consulting.

Tune in to hear the story behind the 'ah-ha!' moment that pushed Mike to get his agency to a point to where it could run without him so that he could move into his parents basement to build the software now known as Freshbooks.

Don't miss Mike's advice on the importance of customer proximity and hear his book recommendations for learning through the startup building journey.

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On this week's podcast I speak with Michael Zipursky, CEO, author of The Elite Consulting Mind and coach to elite consultants. Michael is in the business of helping consultants to scale and grow, to attract more clients, to increase fees and win more proposals. But mainly, his intent is to create what he has coined as 'meaningful success', which refers to not only generating more revenue but also aims to create the right business structures that allow consultants to have more freedom and flexibility so that they can do the things that bring them joy in life.

His website was born out of a desire to create a place and a community where consultants can share stories of lessons learned and mistakes made while growing their business. Today there are over 900 articles, resources and videos on these topics, with aims to help consultants connect and learn from one another on how to grow their business.

Don't miss this episode to hear all about how Michael's unique experience building a successful consulting shop in Osaka, Japan taught him new ways to create and build relationships, and also showed him that being open to doing things differently can lead to more meaningful success.

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Are you familiar with The Seven Day Startup by Dan Norris? Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer by Liam Vitch? The Sober Entrepreneur by Russ Perry? All of these past guests of the podcast launched their books with Tom Morkes' help, through his business Insurgent Publishing.

Insurgent Publishing is in the business of running online event based marketing campaigns for brands and businesses. Whether it's a book launch, a course launch, a summit, a challenge or a product/service being sold over a specific time period, Tom can help your launch through by facilitating large scale campaigns with partnership and influencer promotions.

At the same time, Tom creates and launches his own books, content and products through his personal website Quite clearly, Tom is at the top of the game when it comes to marketing and building thought leaders online. Tune in to the podcast to hear Tom's unique journey that started off with a military background. if you're interested in becoming a best seller, growing your audience and becoming a thought leader... don't miss this episode!

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