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Sam Shepler is the CEO of Skyscope and host of the Thoughtful Warrior Podcast. In this episode we talk about Sam's journey building up his video agency, how he got started, and how he has grown the business.
One key point we talk on is the creation of a productized service offering within their agency. Sam has nailed this down with their video testimonials productized service that is rapidly growing and accounting for a significant piece of the companies profitability.
Sam also talks about building a culture and keeping that strong as his company has grown from 3 partners to a team of employees. 
Check out Sam's company and work at
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Today's guest is a little different than my normal guests, but incredible none the less. While he may be wearing a suit during the interview, don't hold it against him.
On this episode I have Alan Siegel, founder of Siegel+Gale, an agency with over 250 employees, and his new consultancy SiegelVision.
Alan's entire career and business is built on the idea of helping corporations and institutions simplify. One of his most notable clients that we can all be grateful for is the IRS. Alan's agency simplified and re-created the US Tax Forms. 
In this episode, Alan talks about building his agency up to that level, how simplicity became their focus, and about his upcoming conference Call for Clarity. In the conference, Alan's firm has pulled together some of the brightest individuals throughout various industries, institutions and government agencies to talk about the accomplishments they have made by simplifying. 
In simple terms: This episode is good, you should listen to it. 
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Today I am honored to have Aaron Ross on the show, author of Predictable Revenue and his brand new book From Impossible to Inevitable.
On this episode Aaron dives into his story of growing his personal income from $60k to over $800k over the past several years, and how he managed to do so while keeping a work schedule of 20-30 hours per week.
Aaron also shares his world famous sales model that can change how you look at sales and building a sales team for your agency.
He also dives into his philosophies on outbound marketing, what is effective and how you can use outbound to create predictable growth for your business.
And lastly, he shares some incredible nuggets of wisdom from his new book From Impossible to Inevitable. It's an incredible book and I highly recommend picking up a copy. I guarantee you won't walk away disappointed!
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On this episode I am excited to bring you Ryan O'donnel of SellHack. Sellhack is an incredible tool that I use on a daily basis at Outbound Creative. With SellHack you can find anyones email and contact information with the click of a button.
For years I did this manually, BUT NO MORE! Sellhack has made my outbound research so much easier.
In this episode, Ryan doesn't just talk about SellHack. We dive through and give an entire framework for creating an email prospecting system for your agency or business. 
We take it step by step from identifying who to go after, determining what messaging to use when reaching out to them, the follow pus and then how to handle the lead once you get them on the phone. 
This is an incredible episode with lots of actionable insights. 
Also, check out Sellhack's blog for tons of great insights on cold emailing. 
And download their free eBook on cold emailing which is a great resource.
And seriously, go sign up for a free trial of SellHack, you will love it!
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On this episode of Working Without Pants, I am honored to have Michael Hardesty of MadeIn Network and 24Hr Records. On this episode Michael shares his journey of going from a freelance professional to running production at a rapidly growing Youtube Agency.
Michael also gets into a lot of the creative dynamics that he sees with 24 Hour Records and how constraints with creativity can create even greater end results.
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