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I am honored to have Blair Enns of with me on today's episode. Blair has been a long time influence of mine back since I read his Win Without Pitching Manifesto several years ago.

In this episode, Blair talks about some of the biggest mistakes that agencies make when selling their services and how to remedy those mistakes. He also shares more information about his own entrepreneurial journey and how he got to where he is today. 

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Liam Veitch of completely changed my mindset on freelancing when I read his book 'Stop thinking like a freelancer'.

In this book Liam talks about the topic of evolution, and for anyone who has followed my own journey over the past year, I have drastically evolved from a web designer to running Outbound Creative which helps agencies and freelancers win their dream clients.

Liam's mindset was extremely valuable for me when I read his book, and in this episode we discuss some of the key points from his book and how freelancers should be approaching their business.

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Greg How is a partner at Happy Cog, a Philadelphia based digital agency, and he is a partner in the Bureau of Digital which is an organization that puts on events for owners and leaders of digital agency.

In this interview Greg shares the lessons he learned building up Happy Cog over the past 15 years, as well as sharing stories of the expriences his team has had with Bureau of Digital.

You can learn more about Greg and the amazing events he puts on at

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