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Listen to this week’s episode if you’re feeling stressed, overworked, or battling with finding a balance between your entrepreneurial life and your personal life. Sherry Walling has a PhD in clinical psychology and specializes in entrepreneurial health. Sherry also owns ZenFounder along with her podcast and is the author of “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your Sh*t Together: How to Run Your Business Without Letting it Run You”.
Now, while this particular interview actually took place before the current health events happening around the world, this couldn’t be better timing for someone that needs to hear this message. Some of us are forced to either step back and break from business or ride the waves and put added effort into our companies. Sherry dives into lots of practical tips regarding burnout, family life, depression, and the loneliness that entrepreneurship can entail.
Learn here why it’s important to our brain health, the livelihood of our businesses, and our personal lives to ‘unplug’ sometimes. You may be struggling with your sense of value and identity intertwining with your business. But where do you draw the line between your time freedom, money, and weighing what you value most out of life? Sherry will share some insightful advice that will hit home with all of us, both literally and figuratively. And don’t forget to check her out on her websites at or Also, Sherry mentions her Guide to Founder Retreats that you can check out here.
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This week, I speak with Tyler Gillespie, the “Thinking Time Chief” of Applause Lab, a company that creates great customer video testimonials and other social proof. Before Applause Lab, Tyler sold his content writing service company, and here we discuss details on what his journey of building Applause Lab was like after selling. This is super informative and a great place to be to learn about the process of starting your own company.
Tyler describes his experience with the content writing business, which remains nameless during our interview, and how he was able to continually help clients get value from his service. Sometimes, it takes a simple prompt idea or two to be proactive when preventing client churn. That was all before Tyler went through the process of acquisition. Then, as we shift into a conversation about Applause Lab, his current business venture, we’ll walk you through his experience with how the launching and execution went rather quickly. 
This episode is so worth checking out! Get some advice on how you can decipher what business you may want to get into and what questions to ask when doing so. Find out more information on Applause Lab by visiting or join the Facebook group called Productized Startups to follow Tyler on his journey with his company. 
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Matthew Kimberley pours out some amazing insights in this week’s episode that you won’t want to miss! With a background in sales and as an author himself, Matthew has also taken over the entire program called Book Yourself Solid, which was originally created and written by Michael Port.
With Book Yourself Solid, Matthew helps business owners figure out what path is right for them. The book offers frameworks for you to think through this and what fundamental principles and mindset you can apply to reach your business goals. If you need to convert or generate leads, Michael can help you, so long as you are actively doing these things somehow.  It’s about strategies verse the tactics- this is truly an interesting outlook on how you should question your motives. 
If people pay you for your time and your expertise, this book and this episode are for you! There are so many great pieces of advice that Matthew dives into here that are both exciting and thoughtful. I realized there are different ways to think about growth for your business… and it’s not always about more money.
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