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In today's podcast I sit down with Josh Elledge of Josh got his start with a business called SavingsAngel - despite having no money to get the business off the ground, he managed to generate over 6 million in revenue by landing free media coverage because he was convinced 'exposure is everything'. He was right and he learned so much about the power of exposure that his whole career took a shift and he became a consultant to help others harness the power of good exposure.

Nowadays Josh is all about giving back and empowering people to apply everything he learned. Through Up My Influence he teaches people how to do their own PR and has built a service based platform and productized offering agency that is disrupting the public relations industry. The old way of doing PR just doesn't work any more and now Josh is using social media to help thoughtful entrepreneurs turn into media celebrities.

In this podcast you will gain insights into how to increase influence, authority and revenue. It's all about creating wins for others who are more influential than you and building meaningful connections by being genuinely helpful.

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David is the author of The Irresistible Consultant's The Guide to Winning Clientsand The Executive Guide To Consulting. He joins us on the podcast today to discuss how to get better at the sales part of consulting.

David's background was on the corporate side of marketing research and sales. He then became a consultant with a boutique firm and worked his way up to partner and then branched off with a colleague to start his own consulting practice of their own. His partner departed after only a matter of weeks, leaving him without a rainmaker to bring in clients.

Tune in to hear the story of what steps he took to turn himself into a rainmaker and learn about the consortium model that made him a successful expert writing guides on how to make sales in consulting.

This episode will have you rethinking how you write emails to clients and you'll learn to avoid common pitfalls by anticipating client's responses and getting everything on the table while negotiating.

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Madeleine is the CEO of Content Refined, a content marketing agency built to scale offering productized content marketing packages. The agency is made of up herself, her business partner and a business manager working in tandem with a remote production team and project managers. Together they they bring in over 50K a month in recurring revenue!

Tune in to hear Madeleine share about how a life experience brought on the opportunity for her to suddenly get everything off her plate and hire other people to run her business... so she go could on pregnancy leave.

There are great takeaways in this episode, including insights on how Madeleine and her team acquire new customers, how they review and consistently update SOPs and how they handle churn.

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On this week's podcast we have Mike Michalowicz, the author of ClockworkProfit FirstThe Pumpkin PlanSurge, and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

Mike's book Profit First helped me to pay down 15K of credit card debt all while paying myself a better salary. He's gone from being an entrepreneur to becoming a full time researcher and writer. He touches on behavioural psychology and breaks down real applicable strategies that can help you to live a wealthy lifestyle.

All too often the reality is that entrepreneurs often work their tails off without getting paid and Mike's aim is to change that. Tune in to hear us dive into 3 of his books: The Pumpkin Plan is all about niching down and figuring out your ideal customer, Profit First shares a system for paying off credit card debt, and Clockwork is all about getting your business to run more efficiently without you. Bigger is not necessarily better, you just need to have the right strategies.

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Today's guest on the podcast is sales nerd Chris Ortolano of Outbound Edge. Not only does Chris do sales consulting for companies, he's also the creator of a community I always recommend to people: Sales Stack Slack.

On this episode we learn a bit about his sales process and the buyer journey at Outbound Edge, but what you really don't want to miss out on are the tidbits about how his Slack community came together and how it brings value to over 1,500 sales professionals. Through this Slack channel the pros connect and share their knowledge, discuss tools of the trade, converse about hiring processes, leadership and more.

The biggest takeaway here is learning how to build something similar to this community so you that people gravitate towards you and seek you out as a thought leader.

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Alex Pirouz is the founder of Linkfluencer, Australia's Leading LinkedIn Training Company.

Through Linkfluencer, Alex is on a mission to transform social selling on Linkedin and build the next generation of influencers. What influencer marketing breaks down to is essentially becoming an expert in your space. People want to deal with experts. They want to work with people who are featured in the media and who are recognized for what they know.

In this episode Alex shares his thoughts on why he believes influence is the key to business here and now. In 2018-2019 it is more important than ever to be an influencer in your field and if you don't have influence in the next few years, you're simply not going to exist.

Influence is all about making a positive impact on other people's lives at a grand scale. As an entrepreneur building a startup, you have a responsibility to have an impact. Don't miss Alex's insights on what's coming down the Linkedin pipeline and how you can get started now.

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This week on the podcast I speak with Mandi Ellefson the author of Hands Off CEO. Mandi's business is all about helping entrepreneurs and agency owners to live the dream by building a company that can run without them.

Here on the podcast we're all about location independent businesses based on freedom and in this episode Mandi shares her 5 step process on how to free up 10 extra hours per week and use that time to make your company run without you.

One of the challenges stopping owners from stepping away is that the foundation of the business itself is the owner and the owner's knowledge. As the business owner, you're always at the center of everything, constantly catching things to make sure everything goes forward. The business is so dependent on the owner that it's hard to sell and be confident that the team can grow without them being around to keep things from falling apart.

Sounds familiar? Tune in to hear Mandi's process, so you too can work towards becoming more of a hands off CEO. It's all about structure and she's broken it down in the roadmap she shares with us.

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This week I speak with Mike McDerment, author of Breaking the Time Barrier and CEO of Freshbooks, the hugely popular invoicing and accounting software built for owners, not accountants.

Mike left business school in his 4th year and started an agency building websites in the early 2000s. He started off building basic websites for his clients and quickly learned the importance of going beyond creative pages to validating the conversion science behind each site using SEO, Pay Per Click and conversion consulting.

Tune in to hear the story behind the 'ah-ha!' moment that pushed Mike to get his agency to a point to where it could run without him so that he could move into his parents basement to build the software now known as Freshbooks.

Don't miss Mike's advice on the importance of customer proximity and hear his book recommendations for learning through the startup building journey.

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On this week's podcast I speak with Michael Zipursky, CEO, author of The Elite Consulting Mind and coach to elite consultants. Michael is in the business of helping consultants to scale and grow, to attract more clients, to increase fees and win more proposals. But mainly, his intent is to create what he has coined as 'meaningful success', which refers to not only generating more revenue but also aims to create the right business structures that allow consultants to have more freedom and flexibility so that they can do the things that bring them joy in life.

His website was born out of a desire to create a place and a community where consultants can share stories of lessons learned and mistakes made while growing their business. Today there are over 900 articles, resources and videos on these topics, with aims to help consultants connect and learn from one another on how to grow their business.

Don't miss this episode to hear all about how Michael's unique experience building a successful consulting shop in Osaka, Japan taught him new ways to create and build relationships, and also showed him that being open to doing things differently can lead to more meaningful success.

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Are you familiar with The Seven Day Startup by Dan Norris? Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer by Liam Vitch? The Sober Entrepreneur by Russ Perry? All of these past guests of the podcast launched their books with Tom Morkes' help, through his business Insurgent Publishing.

Insurgent Publishing is in the business of running online event based marketing campaigns for brands and businesses. Whether it's a book launch, a course launch, a summit, a challenge or a product/service being sold over a specific time period, Tom can help your launch through by facilitating large scale campaigns with partnership and influencer promotions.

At the same time, Tom creates and launches his own books, content and products through his personal website Quite clearly, Tom is at the top of the game when it comes to marketing and building thought leaders online. Tune in to the podcast to hear Tom's unique journey that started off with a military background. if you're interested in becoming a best seller, growing your audience and becoming a thought leader... don't miss this episode!

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When I was building Lead Cookie, my LinkedIn Lead Generation business, I did a lot of research on thought leaders in this arena and many of the tactics i learned came through John Nemo's courses. I brought John on the podcast so he can share actionable tips and advice on how to get more out of LinkedIn and better manage your profile.

John started off in the lead generation game after her took a leap of faith and left his 'soul sucking day job'. With only 1 client and 1 month's worth of wages he opened his own marketing agency, worked out of home and generated 6 figures in revenue within 90 days. He did all this by using LinkedIn, which became his 'aha! moment'. He'd come across a platform that gave him the ability to connect and talk with leads one-on-one instantaneously with no gate keepers.

Tune in to hear more about how he gained opportunities and refined how to talk to people and sell on LinkedIn. Nowadays John is a public speaker and has two very successful online courses: LinkedIn Riches and Online Webinars That Work.

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Richard Littauer is the creator of The User is Drunk website. Richard's story is an interesting one involving a unique marketing tactic he used to grow his business. Tune in to hear about this form of viral marketing that had tremendous success and generated tons of opportunities.

Essentially, Richard gets drunk and reviews the user experience (UX) of websites. This was one of Richard's many think-outside-of-the-box ideas and just happened to be the one that took off. In this episode we hear all about how this clever way of providing UX feedback to web developers and designers started off as a silly idea and ended up producing great learning experiences and new ventures.

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Wayne has been in this game since the early days of LinkedIn. His interest started off as a hobby but when he realized people were really attentive when engaging in public speaking on the topic, he teamed up with his wife to write a book about it. The Power Formula for LinkedIn is now on its 4th Edition and has sold over 100,000 copies.

When Wayne first meets with clients (organizations, individuals, colleges and universities, and especially sales teams) all he has to do is show them how to do a basic advanced search and already they are impressed - that's how little people know about the platform! In Wayne's words: "LinkedIn is interesting and can go so many ways because it all comes down to the database it provides access to."

In this episode we dive into some unique tactics and business growth methods that you wouldn't normally think about. For instance, have you considered looking into alumni from your school to start seeking leads? Tune in to hear
actionable tips and insights on ways to generate more leads and business opportunities through LinkedIn.

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In this podcast I sit down with Joe Kashurba of Kashurba Web Design. Joe shares valuable insights of how to build a virtual agency and gain clients through Google Adwords.

Building a virtual team is no easy feat. In this episode you'll hear great advice on how to hand projects off strategically, piece by piece. We discuss how important it is to narrow down slowly and keep project managers focused on one part of the puzzle at a time.

Would you believe Joe gained the majority of his work and his clients through Google Adwords? Naysayers think Google Adwords is too competitive but Joe knows what mistakes are often made in the process. Tune in to hear his tips on how to make a business profitable through Adwords.

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In this episode, I interview David C. Baker, an author, speaker and advisor helping entrepreneurial experts make better business decisions. His new book, The Business of Expertise is available now.

If you are looking to build yourself up as a thought leader, David is the guy to go to. His words of wisdom revolve around one thing: helping people make better business decisions. He tackles the big questions like: how to position your firm, how to find new business with lead generation, how to structure roles and how to manage performance.

In this episode, we chat about how you can frame your expertise around solving problems that people are losing sleep over.

David's insight comes from years of experience running an agency, which inevitably lead to learning what types of mistakes are made and what mistakes can be avoided when it comes to making big business decisions.

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In this episode, we interview Jonathan Stark who is a business coach for independent software consultants.

In this interview, we dive into Jonathan's background and how he found his super defined niche which enabled him to charge premium rates for his services.

We also dive into this concept on why you should talk prospects out of working with you. It's a contrarian concept at first but by the end of this interview, I am confident you will agree.

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Today I am honored to have Jonathan Dison of Benchwatch and Lightrock Consulting.

In Jonathan's previous consulting experience he has clients as Chevron, Tyson, Microsoft and quite a few other large clients.

In this interview, we dive in with Jonathan on how he got his consulting firm built up and advice he has for other consultants to get into those large enterprise clients.

This interview is jam-packed with 2-3 big ideas that will show you how to get in with enterprise clients.

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In this episode, we talk all about how to generate recurring revenue for your agency with Brent Weaver of uGurus.

Brent has some incredible and actionable insights that any agency or consulting firm can begin using immediately to start generating more recurring revenue for your business.

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In this episode of working without pants we talk Tactics and Strategy with Ahmad Munawar of Boutique Growth.

Ahmad used to work at Ernst & Young before leaving to go out on his own to run business development for a smaller boutique consulting firm.

Today his business focuses helping consulting firms ramp up their marketing and acquire new clients.

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In this episode, we interview Karl Sakas all about how you can become a better manager and leader at your agency.

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This is the second time we have had Russ on the show although in between he grew Design Pickle from $100k MRR to $500k+ MRR.

Needless to say, Russ is crushing it.

In this episode we talk more about how Russ has grown as an individual in order to get his company to this level.

We talk about Russ's new book The Sober Entrepreneur which I highly recommend.

And we riff on many of the other lessons Russ has learned through building up his Design Pickle empire.

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In this episode I am honored to bring you AJ Wilcox of

AJ shares all of his secrets and best practices when it comes to LinkedIn ads and how he has built up one of the top LinkedIn advertising agencies in the world in a relatively short period of time.

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As crazy as it sounds, I am a geek when it comes to taxes. I leverage every possible thing I can when it comes to deductions and have event spent two years of my life abroad to reduce my taxes.

That is why I am excited to bring you this interview with Craig Cody where we talk about all of the opportunities that small business owners have for tax deductions.

This episode is full of tax specific advice for U.S. residents so hopefully you find it useful.

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In this episode of the Working Without Pants podcast I am honored to bring you this amazing interview with David Turner of Turner Duckworth.

You may have seen the work that David's firm has created before...

They are only responsible for Coca Cola's iconic branding and the Amazon logo...

Yes, that's right. They did the freaking Amazon logo.

This interview is incredible as we dive into David's journey, how he has built up such an incredible company and company culture.

I hope you enjoy!

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One of the biggest challenges with running a done-for-you B2B lead generation service is seeing a lot of leads NOT turn into sales calls and never have the chance to become closed deals.

It doesn’t matter how many leads we send a business if they can’t create new business from those leads.

This article is based on the interview posted below which is a conversation between Liston Witherill and myself all about closing outbound leads.

More leads can even be bad for your business if you don’t know how to turn them into sales calls and close more deals.

The goal of this post is to make sure you don’t end up in the position where more leads are hurting your business. I want you to be able to handle more leads, have more sales calls, and close more deals with confidence.

For a full article on this episode go to

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