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When I was building Lead Cookie, my LinkedIn Lead Generation business, I did a lot of research on thought leaders in this arena and many of the tactics i learned came through John Nemo's courses. I brought John on the podcast so he can share actionable tips and advice on how to get more out of LinkedIn and better manage your profile.

John started off in the lead generation game after her took a leap of faith and left his 'soul sucking day job'. With only 1 client and 1 month's worth of wages he opened his own marketing agency, worked out of home and generated 6 figures in revenue within 90 days. He did all this by using LinkedIn, which became his 'aha! moment'. He'd come across a platform that gave him the ability to connect and talk with leads one-on-one instantaneously with no gate keepers.

Tune in to hear more about how he gained opportunities and refined how to talk to people and sell on LinkedIn. Nowadays John is a public speaker and has two very successful online courses: LinkedIn Riches and Online Webinars That Work.

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Richard Littauer is the creator of The User is Drunk website. Richard's story is an interesting one involving a unique marketing tactic he used to grow his business. Tune in to hear about this form of viral marketing that had tremendous success and generated tons of opportunities.

Essentially, Richard gets drunk and reviews the user experience (UX) of websites. This was one of Richard's many think-outside-of-the-box ideas and just happened to be the one that took off. In this episode we hear all about how this clever way of providing UX feedback to web developers and designers started off as a silly idea and ended up producing great learning experiences and new ventures.

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Wayne has been in this game since the early days of LinkedIn. His interest started off as a hobby but when he realized people were really attentive when engaging in public speaking on the topic, he teamed up with his wife to write a book about it. The Power Formula for LinkedIn is now on its 4th Edition and has sold over 100,000 copies.

When Wayne first meets with clients (organizations, individuals, colleges and universities, and especially sales teams) all he has to do is show them how to do a basic advanced search and already they are impressed - that's how little people know about the platform! In Wayne's words: "LinkedIn is interesting and can go so many ways because it all comes down to the database it provides access to."

In this episode we dive into some unique tactics and business growth methods that you wouldn't normally think about. For instance, have you considered looking into alumni from your school to start seeking leads? Tune in to hear
actionable tips and insights on ways to generate more leads and business opportunities through LinkedIn.

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In this podcast I sit down with Joe Kashurba of Kashurba Web Design. Joe shares valuable insights of how to build a virtual agency and gain clients through Google Adwords.

Building a virtual team is no easy feat. In this episode you'll hear great advice on how to hand projects off strategically, piece by piece. We discuss how important it is to narrow down slowly and keep project managers focused on one part of the puzzle at a time.

Would you believe Joe gained the majority of his work and his clients through Google Adwords? Naysayers think Google Adwords is too competitive but Joe knows what mistakes are often made in the process. Tune in to hear his tips on how to make a business profitable through Adwords.

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