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One of the biggest mistakes new freelancers make is in how they describe what they do. 

In this episode of The Creative Freelancer Show, Ilise Benun of teaches a framework for how to talk about what you do to new clients.

This is a framework that can be used online, at networking events or even in casual conversation.

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Constant improvement is a value that I attribute a large portion of my success to. I am constantly learning, constantly improving and I am never satisfied.

My goal with this episode is to share with you my theories on improvement and discuss the different ways and areas you need to be consistently growing in as a creative professional.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Resources for enhancing and improving your creative skills
  • Resources for enhancing your business knowledge
  • Resources for improving as a creative professional
  • The go to tools for personal growth

Mentioned in this episode:

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Alicia Binkley / Waters is a freelance designer and artist from Nashville, TN. She wasn’t always a freelancer though and recently made the jump just a few months ago. 

In this episode 

- Alicia talks about what it was like to make that jump from having a full time job for seven years to finally going freelance.

- Discusses what it is like to be married to another artist and collaborate with them regularly on projects 

This episode is great for anyone making that jump to freelancing full time, as well as any creative who may be married or dating another creative professional. 

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A portfolio in your creative career is more than just a collection of your past works. 

A portfolio is like a carefully curated art gallery. It is meant to showcase your work and put it in the best possible light.

In this episode:

  • I discuss what makes up a good portfolio
  • Three criteria to consider before taking on any project
  • How to turn yourself into a portfolio piece


Regardless of if you are new to the freelancing business or have been freelancing for a while, this episode has some insights which may make you rethink how you showcase your work to the world. 

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005: Grant Spanier

Grant Spanier is an inspiring and genuine individual. He holds nothing back and refuses to censor himself in the sake of being him true self.

In this expletive filled episode:

  • Grant goes through his journey on building a successful creative career
  • Grant shares his philosophies and practices on creativity. 


Grant’s story is one that will change your perspective on creativity and making a living as a freelancer. 

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At the core of any succesful creative career is a mastery and continued practice of ones craft.

In this episodes we dive into the philosophies behind mastering your craft as well as some actionable methods on practicing and learning your craft at a rapid pace.

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