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Building and implementing robust processes and systems for your business is a must when trying to create more efficiency and scalability within your business.

In this episode of the Working Without Pants podcast, I sit down with Corey Northcutt, Founder and CEO at Northcutt, to discuss the processes he has built for his SEO enterprise agency, and why using a credit-based pricing model was the right fit for his business.

Corey notes that when offering technical services with many steps such as with SEO auditing, a credit-based pricing model allows you to stay more agile and helps with upfront planning of deliverables.

Another benefit of using a credit-based pricing model, according to Corey, is that it eliminates the need for time tracking. When everyone knows what needs to be done and can deliver on schedule, day-to-day tracking isn’t all that important.

He says it can initially be a challenge for clients to understand a credit-based system, but as long as you’re delivering high quality work and have your value specs properly documented, it doesn’t cause much fuss.

Corey closes the show by sharing his insight around system development lifecycles and some of the tools his team uses to streamline their workflow.

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On this episode of the Working Without Pants podcast, I sit down with Kane Jamison, Founder of Content Harmony, to discuss his journey of transforming his content marketing agency into a SaaS business.

Kane shares that though his content marketing agency was successful in many respects, it wasn’t going to reach the level of self-sufficiency that he desired. He wanted to narrow his focus on an offering that could scale better and help content marketers everywhere.

Thus, Kane decided to take the comprehensive workflows Content Harmony developed for creating content briefs and turn them into a SaaS offering.

According to Kane, this shift to a SaaS model of business was a product of understanding what processes his agency excelled at, working with the right talent to build the software properly, and doing the proper market research to understand the needs of their customers.

For agencies considering developing a SaaS product, Kane encourages you to get crystal clear on the objective with the product. He advises doing whatever work you can yourself to reduce costs, and looking for opportunities to launch micro-products while building out the product’s grand vision.

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On this episode of the Working Without Pants podcast, Dan Morris, Managing Partner at Mindracer Consulting, sits down with me to share his experience of growing, training, and managing world-class sales teams.

Dan discusses his journey in sales and why cultivating internal motivation and curiosity are key factors for the success of any salesperson. This curiosity paired with the right training and market research are what bring down the walls for clients and can position you to close more deals.

Dan talks about finding the right outbound/inbound sales ratio in order to meet your clients where they’re at. If you’re not gathering data on this ratio, you’re shooting in the dark and won’t know what to expect from increasing outbound or inbound efforts.

He also shares the importance of assessing who your best customers are and why they are closing. This allows you to refine who your company wants to work with, how to best serve them, and repeat the process with future clients. 

Dan closes the show by describing some of the strategies he uses when coaching sales teams, noting the benefits of talking through deals out-loud to figure out where a deal is stuck.

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To get your podcast out to the world, proper hosting and promotion are a must.

In this episode of the Working Without Pants podcast, I’ll cover the essential details you need to consider when hosting, syndicating, and promoting your B2B podcast.

I walk through some of the available hosting platforms and recommend using Anchor because it’s easy to use, budget-friendly, and utilizes up-to-date technologies. Anchor also makes syndicating your podcast to iTunes, Spotify, or other channels a breeze.

I discuss the different tactics you can use to promote your podcast including: 

  • Social Media paid promotion
  • Word of mouth
  • Repurposing podcast content

I also outline which materials you need to be sending your guests so that they can easily promote the podcast through their social channels. This will enhance your credibility and reach far more than just promoting your podcast yourself.

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