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Many people expect quick wins from outbound and if they don’t see results in a few months, they drop it altogether. This is unfortunate because the real power of outbound comes from your ability to build outbound as a long-term growth channel for your business.


In the new episode of the Working Without Pants podcast, Isaac Marsh, Partner at Lead Cookie, joins me to discuss how people should be thinking about outbound and why it's such a sustainable growth channel.


We kick off the show by discussing the fact that more people are realizing that quality beats quantity when it comes to outbound leads. If you’re selling high-ticket packages, one client can pay for all your future outbound efforts. Though an outbound agency may guarantee you a set amount of leads, none of those deals will close if the quality isn't there. 


We also highlight how outbound gives you long-term brand exposure and helps you stay top of mind for when prospects are ready to buy. Though you might not close a deal today, you can gauge where a prospect is in their buying cycle. This gives you the ammo you need to nurture that lead and form a strategy for when that lead is ready.

Want to learn how Lead Cookie can help with your outbound efforts? Feel free to reach out to us today.




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