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This week, I speak with Tyler Gillespie, the “Thinking Time Chief” of Applause Lab, a company that creates great customer video testimonials and other social proof. Before Applause Lab, Tyler sold his content writing service company, and here we discuss details on what his journey of building Applause Lab was like after selling. This is super informative and a great place to be to learn about the process of starting your own company.
Tyler describes his experience with the content writing business, which remains nameless during our interview, and how he was able to continually help clients get value from his service. Sometimes, it takes a simple prompt idea or two to be proactive when preventing client churn. That was all before Tyler went through the process of acquisition. Then, as we shift into a conversation about Applause Lab, his current business venture, we’ll walk you through his experience with how the launching and execution went rather quickly. 
This episode is so worth checking out! Get some advice on how you can decipher what business you may want to get into and what questions to ask when doing so. Find out more information on Applause Lab by visiting or join the Facebook group called Productized Startups to follow Tyler on his journey with his company. 
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