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For those that have been reading my blog posts, you know by now that I’ve successfully handed off my sales role to a friend-turned-team member. That team member is Isaac Marsh. Isaac is not only head of sales with Lead Cookie, but he helps test new offer strategies we put on the table as well. With a passion for writing, his natural ability to talk with others, and starting his own agency with his business partner, it was a no-brainer to reach out for him to take on this position. 
The stars aligned when I approached Isaac and his business partner and asked if they could come on board with Lead Cookie a while back. That was the beginning of handing off my sales role successfully. I made mistakes trying to hand this off before, which did not work out, so I took Isaac through a different and more specific process when he came on board. 
Give this episode a listen if you’re looking to get the sales role off your plate. We share what worked and what mistakes were made as well. Isaac has some great insights into what helped him take on sales and how he adjusted the frameworks to feel more natural to him for the sales calls. Isaac is essentially our “gatekeeper” at Lead Cookie and you, as an owner, can learn why relinquishing that control will allow your business to have one as well.
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