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In this “best selling” episode, Kevin Anderson joins us from Kevin Anderson & Associates. With offices in New York City, Nashville, and Los Angeles, Kevin’s firm is made up of a team of New York Times bestselling writers, editors, and publishing consultants- offering all three of these top-notch services and producing high-quality content for their clients. 
Kevin Anderson & Associates buckle down with dedication to each client to help formulate the content to ghostwrite their books-- whether it is starting from scratch from a few ideas or helping someone edit and rewrite a book they’ve already written. Kevin’s firm is also well connected to some of the industry’s best literary agents, marketers, publicists, and more to help make a book successful once it’s written. Many clients come to Kevin’s team specifically because of connections Kevin has to a variety of people in the industry and the marketing strategies they use. 
If you are thinking about writing your own book but not sure where to start, or if you are looking into hiring ghostwriters, be sure and join us here for some great insights with Kevin!
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