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Peter Levitan joins us in this week’s episode to discuss how he went about selling his agency and some words of advice for those who are thinking about selling theirs. Currently living in Mexico, Peter is a Business Development Consultant for advertising agencies around the world. Before that, he bought, and then eventually sold, his advertising agency in Oregon by managing the process himself. 
Ask yourself the critical question, “Would you buy your agency?” If it’s not a solid “yes,” you may want to rethink selling. Also, very few agencies have a solid business plan, and this is key.   If you don’t have a business plan in place, you need one. How else will you stand out? We use the term “un-ignorable” many times in this episode while focusing on what that means for your business. 
Listen in to Peter’s story and what you should be thinking about if selling your agency is crossing your mind. Find out why some businesses are not ready to be sold, what others look for when seeking to buy an agency, and dive into some business tactics to set your agency up to be “un-ignorable.” You can find out more by visiting as well.  
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