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In this special episode of the Working Without Pants podcast, Isaac Marsh joins me to discuss our new business venture,

At a high level, Custom Data scrapes the internet looking for prospects with your specific intent signals to buy. We gather this intent data and deliver you and your sales team hand qualified leads every single week. Not only is this data immediately actionable, but it gives you all the details you need to confidently approach your outbound efforts.

We discuss the key things our research team looks for, including companies that are hiring for roles relevant to your business, decision-makers changing positions, funding or expansion news, and RFPs (request for proposals). Furthermore, you receive the exact contact information for the stakeholders you need to talk to in order to gain new business.

We also talk about how Custom Data is able to help you build out a custom CRM of prospects that fit your buyer criteria. Instead of wasting time searching through mediocre databases, you’ll have a pipeline of pre-qualified leads your sales team can contact right away.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Custom Data can help you get more deals, feel free to reach out to us at


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