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Many outbound agencies focus on delivering high quantities of leads but leave much to be desired in regards to the quality of those leads. 

Though playing the numbers game can work to an extent, we believe there are better outbound strategies that reduce the risk of damaging your agency’s reputation and at the same time bring qualified leads to your clients.

In the new episode of the Working Without Pants podcast, Isaac Marsh, Partner at Leader Cookie, joins me to explore how we have seen the outbound industry evolve and how agencies should be thinking about outbound.

We discuss the issue of misaligned expectations between agencies and their clients regarding the results clients want to achieve. These agencies promise a certain amount of leads, but this number is really just a vanity metric. To serve clients best, you need to understand their true needs and develop a campaign that puts them in front of their ideal clients.

We also describe why outbound has more benefits than just closing deals in a short amount of time. These benefits include getting precise on your ideal clients, expanding your network of influence, and creating a long-term pipeline of potential clients.


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