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If you’ve been a user of LinkedIn over the years, you’ve probably witnessed the shift from it being a very relationship-focused platform, to one where your inbox is filled with spammy messages and connection requests.

For these reasons, LinkedIn has reduced the number of connection requests you can send from 2,500 per month to 100 per week. This is bad news for those that spray-and-pray connection requests, but it's extremely beneficial for those that already focus on quality outbound efforts.

In this episode of the Working Without Pants podcast, I sit down with Isaac Marsh, Partner at Lead Cookie, to discuss these changes and explore why hand-qualifying leads and boosting the quality of your outbound efforts is necessary for success when prospecting on LinkedIn.

We describe why these changes force you to respect your prospects’ time and how the reduction in “noise” is creating better engagement with outreach efforts.

We also talk about how focusing on quality with outbound ultimately saves you time, generates leads that you can actually close, and disqualifies bad leads before you waste time hopping on a call with them.

For the sustainability of the platform, we think this is the right move for LinkedIn and look forward to the benefits it will bring.


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