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On this episode of the Working Without Pants podcast, Dan Morris, Managing Partner at Mindracer Consulting, sits down with me to share his experience of growing, training, and managing world-class sales teams.

Dan discusses his journey in sales and why cultivating internal motivation and curiosity are key factors for the success of any salesperson. This curiosity paired with the right training and market research are what bring down the walls for clients and can position you to close more deals.

Dan talks about finding the right outbound/inbound sales ratio in order to meet your clients where they’re at. If you’re not gathering data on this ratio, you’re shooting in the dark and won’t know what to expect from increasing outbound or inbound efforts.

He also shares the importance of assessing who your best customers are and why they are closing. This allows you to refine who your company wants to work with, how to best serve them, and repeat the process with future clients. 

Dan closes the show by describing some of the strategies he uses when coaching sales teams, noting the benefits of talking through deals out-loud to figure out where a deal is stuck.

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