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In this week’s episode, learn how to release the vicious cycle of selling that only leaves you feeling frustrated and fake. Join us as Reuben Swartz, head of the Sales for Nerds podcast and Founder of Mimiran- a CRM for people who hate “selling,” talks through all of the failed approaches he’s attempted at sales and what has finally brought him to his success with customers.

Reuben is not a “natural-born” salesperson, but he thought he was prepared for what would make him successful at sales. He quickly learned this was not the case and, for a long time, felt like he was insecure and pretending with his clients. In fact, it took him years to figure out that proposals to his clients were not about him… it was about the client. Fast forward to today, he has created Mimiran and now on a mission to help others avoid what he went through when approaching sales.

Join us here to get some value you will appreciate and take the pressure off yourself by being authentic and honest with your customers. Reuben created a mad lib that he wants to share with you that will benefit you and your clients when it comes to creating a proposal. His headline on LinkedIn is Get more clients by “teaching,” not “marketing” and “helping,” not “selling.” Find out all the details here!

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