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In this week’s episode, Steve Gordan joins us who also happens to host podcasts of his own. In fact, we dive specifically into how podcasts can be a great tool to use to help grow your business. Steve is the Founder of Unstoppable CEO and specializes in helping agencies get great clients who are ready to hire you.
With all the noise out there between marketing strategies, business funnels, and complex sales training programs, you need a unique way to develop trust with people. You need to strategically build relationships with other people and approach them in a different way. In fact, one of the things we touch on in this episode is how you can simplify your business just simply by aligning with human behavior. 
This episode should have you asking yourself how you think of using podcasts for your business. An audience is great, but the relationships that you build from the podcast interviews are the ones that you can nurture and expand on to grow your business. 
Listen in and get some great tips on why committing to your podcast long-term is the way to go. When you’re done, visit to get a copy of the last book Steve wrote called “The Exponential Network Strategy.”
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