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In this week’s eye-opening episode, I dive into a great interview with Michael Zipursky, coach and CEO of Consulting Success.  With a background in building and consulting businesses in North America and with multibillion-dollar businesses in Japan, he’s developed a coaching program that began as a blog and then morphed into what is now helping hundreds of consultants build successful businesses by adding six to seven figures to their annual revenues. 
You may notice a familiar face here because I’ve interviewed Michael before. I’ve brought him back because recently his company conducted a Marketing for Consultants Study that I find fascinating and is full of valuable information and which marketing techniques can help build a successful business.
In this detailed study, 34,000 consultants were surveyed to find out what is actually working in their marketing techniques- what tactics they’re using and getting results from. The survey identifies and compares what high-performing consultants are doing vs low-performing consultants. Learn what the best practices are that we can all benefit from. For instance, what type of marketing works best and how much should you invest in marketing? Michael and I discuss in detail how you can shift your mindset for marketing costs from an expense to an investment. We’ll dive into some data from the survey to help give you a better understanding of what others are “investing.” 
We also explore network effects, the simplicity of a phone call, and other marketing tactics that you may or may not already be using. Where should you be putting your money in when it comes to marketing? Listen here to find out and explore more on the survey at
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