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In this week’s episode, I sit down and have a very honest conversation with Franco Cabral , who is the CEO of inMark Media Group and owner of his personal brand at InMark Media Group helps small to medium sized businesses with their brand and advertising inside almost 700 supermarkets across the nation.  
In just three and a half years, Franco rapidly grew his sales team for inMark Media Group, but it took a lot more time and energy with his personal growth for him to get to where he is today.  Franco had it all- or at least it would seem that way on paper, or looking from the outside in. However, it was only when he reached a pivotal moment that he realized how unhappy and unfulfilling life really was. In this episode, Franco shares his amazing story of how he went from studying to become a doctor, to working in sales and becoming a National Sales Director, and then building his own business by using his credibility and reputation within the field. 
Franco is someone I look up to and am always learning something from. I feel like I can relate to some of his story with personal growth and I hope this hits home for many of you. Join me in this open and honest episode that describes the process Franco entailed to get to his success today- success with his business and in his personal life.
For anyone looking to hear more from Franco Cabral’s podcast, please visit and click on the link to his podcast or you can find it as The Honest Liar Podcast.
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