Working Without Pants - Creative Entrepreneurship
On this episode, I speak with Jessica Mehring, CEO and Senior Copywriter at Horizon Peak Consulting, a content marketing agency that produces very technical and difficult work for companies focused on enterprise sales.
Jessica started her copywriting career in the corporate world, and though she was good at what she did, she eventually hit a plateau, so she took the necessary steps to discovering exactly what her niche was. She is now an expert at what she does and has very high standards for her team and for the work her business provides to huge-brand clients.
Horizon Peak Consulting offers each client a high level of trust and very high-quality work. Right off the bat, companies can see measurable results on her website, and with Jessica focusing on the end-customer, putting in the research needed and above-and-beyond efforts needed to be able to write superior quality content, she can help her clients hit their targeted goals and KPIs.
Listen to this week’s episode to hear how far Jessica has come in her career, as well as the specifics on Jessica’s detailed onboarding process and how she sets expectations from the get-go. 
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