Working Without Pants - Creative Entrepreneurship
On this week’s episode, I speak with Jason Van Orden who calls himself a “thought leader business strategist”- essentially taking someone who is an expert in their field and turning them into a thought leader within that industry.
Whether someone is already a thought leader and wants to grow what they have or someone who is just learning how to become a thought leader, Jason helps guide them by providing valuable marketing strategies to turn their stuff into digital assets.
It’s not about the latest, greatest tactic to get the attention of your target audience. It’s about using a strategy to get you onto the correct platforms and using your unique voice within all of it, especially when there is so much noise on the internet. What will make you stand out and how do you make it clear who you are online? Jason shares here what the 3 R’s are when trying to reach your goal audience and why they’re so important.
Tune in to listen to some great tips from Jason and what his thoughts and recommendations on how to market yourself using the right content and the right channels are.  You can learn more about what Jason does through
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