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In today's podcast I sit down with Josh Elledge of Josh got his start with a business called SavingsAngel - despite having no money to get the business off the ground, he managed to generate over 6 million in revenue by landing free media coverage because he was convinced 'exposure is everything'. He was right and he learned so much about the power of exposure that his whole career took a shift and he became a consultant to help others harness the power of good exposure.

Nowadays Josh is all about giving back and empowering people to apply everything he learned. Through Up My Influence he teaches people how to do their own PR and has built a service based platform and productized offering agency that is disrupting the public relations industry. The old way of doing PR just doesn't work any more and now Josh is using social media to help thoughtful entrepreneurs turn into media celebrities.

In this podcast you will gain insights into how to increase influence, authority and revenue. It's all about creating wins for others who are more influential than you and building meaningful connections by being genuinely helpful.

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