Working Without Pants - Creative Entrepreneurship

Alex Pirouz is the founder of Linkfluencer, Australia's Leading LinkedIn Training Company.

Through Linkfluencer, Alex is on a mission to transform social selling on Linkedin and build the next generation of influencers. What influencer marketing breaks down to is essentially becoming an expert in your space. People want to deal with experts. They want to work with people who are featured in the media and who are recognized for what they know.

In this episode Alex shares his thoughts on why he believes influence is the key to business here and now. In 2018-2019 it is more important than ever to be an influencer in your field and if you don't have influence in the next few years, you're simply not going to exist.

Influence is all about making a positive impact on other people's lives at a grand scale. As an entrepreneur building a startup, you have a responsibility to have an impact. Don't miss Alex's insights on what's coming down the Linkedin pipeline and how you can get started now.

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