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Today's guest is a little different than my normal guests, but incredible none the less. While he may be wearing a suit during the interview, don't hold it against him.
On this episode I have Alan Siegel, founder of Siegel+Gale, an agency with over 250 employees, and his new consultancy SiegelVision.
Alan's entire career and business is built on the idea of helping corporations and institutions simplify. One of his most notable clients that we can all be grateful for is the IRS. Alan's agency simplified and re-created the US Tax Forms. 
In this episode, Alan talks about building his agency up to that level, how simplicity became their focus, and about his upcoming conference Call for Clarity. In the conference, Alan's firm has pulled together some of the brightest individuals throughout various industries, institutions and government agencies to talk about the accomplishments they have made by simplifying. 
In simple terms: This episode is good, you should listen to it. 
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