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On this episode I am excited to bring you Ryan O'donnel of SellHack. Sellhack is an incredible tool that I use on a daily basis at Outbound Creative. With SellHack you can find anyones email and contact information with the click of a button.
For years I did this manually, BUT NO MORE! Sellhack has made my outbound research so much easier.
In this episode, Ryan doesn't just talk about SellHack. We dive through and give an entire framework for creating an email prospecting system for your agency or business. 
We take it step by step from identifying who to go after, determining what messaging to use when reaching out to them, the follow pus and then how to handle the lead once you get them on the phone. 
This is an incredible episode with lots of actionable insights. 
Also, check out Sellhack's blog for tons of great insights on cold emailing. 
And download their free eBook on cold emailing which is a great resource.
And seriously, go sign up for a free trial of SellHack, you will love it!
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