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Platforms like eLance and oDesk can get a bad reputation. I personally have fought this reputation for a while given that I personally kickstarted my freelance career with oDesk. 

While I hit what I thought was ceiling with these platforms, I was proven wrong by Danny Margulies.

Danny has earned over $100k in the past year on eLance as a freelance writer.

Yes, you read correct. $100k in a year as a writer. 

Danny defies all of the myths and expectations that exist around these freelance platforms and makes an incredible income charging an average rate of $125-135 per hour. 

In this episode, Danny shares how he reached the level he did and what others can do to supplement their income or launch their careers with eLance.

Mentioned in this episode:

Check out Danny's website and sign up for his eLance hacks at

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